Sioux Falls

Daylena Luvv

My name is Daylena. I am 32 year single mother. I have 4 young children here in Sioux Falls. 2 that are school aged in my care and 2 two younger babies that are in the care of their grandmother right now. I am 196 days sober.

My children and I have been through a lot of turmoil and trauma. I struggled with addiction since I was 18 on and off throughout the years but one thing that helped me through all my heartaches and heartbreaks was my faith. I had held on to hope that God had something bigger in store for my life. I’ve been through a lot of experiences and struggles as a single mother that no one should ever have to go through. I never really had a huge support system. So when I was going through anything I would turn to prayer. Prayers are so powerful. Last year something traumatic happened to my family and it was a downward spiral from there. I lost everything. My kids were in and out of different foster homes and with people I didn’t know or met. I was homeless. Really hit rock bottom. One day I was on the brink of suicide and I kept praying,” God please if I mean anything please help me through this… I cant do this anymore I felt like my children deserved better.” Back to back my children called my phone after not having talked to them for a couple weeks! It blew my mind! I was like if this isn’t a sign from God of love I don’t know what is. I made I promise to God and to myself I would follow him and give my life to him if he help me get my to my children. Of course we have to put in the work. I graduated Glory house after 4 months. Steady employment. I am working with Calls2freedom. I attend all the required programming for parenting, Dbt which is 25 week group I’m graduating that. I graduated Redroad approach. Just blessings on blessings. I got my children and our own place. I’m just trying to fulfill my promise to God and also make a change so my kids have a chance at something better than what I had. I’m here to break cycles.

Jamie Smith

Jaimie Smith in Colton S.D. He is Marine vet who puts others before himself. He needs a reliable car to see his parents in Sioux falls who both have health problems. Jamie’s mom is fighting stage 4 colon cancer and would be devastated if Jamie could not drive to see me from Colton, SD I live in Sioux Falls, SD. Jamie is single so there is no other income for him to depend on. He desperately needs a vehicle to get to work.Jamie struggles with insulin dependent diabetes, so as a result faces many large co-pays for his care.Jamie is very resilient despite the unforeseen struggles he has faced, the worst of which was his sister’s death by suicide. This devastating event turned Jamie’s world upside down. He suffers daily from this loss. Jamie has worked 2 jobs for years to maintain his finances. However, his health disabilities and the impact from the loss of his sister has prevented him from working more than one job.Jamie never asks for money from others. He wants to be able to take care of himself.I know how desperate he is for a new vehicle and as his mother, I am taking it upon myself to submit his name for this new car. What a blessing it would be for him.

Rapid City

Rainelle Two Bulls

My name is Rainelle Two Bulls. My parents are the late Norman Two Bulls and Darlene Weasel Bear. I am the youngest of five siblings. After the passing of my father when I was a small child, I was raised in a single parent home. My mother is a very strong, fierce, respectful, loving mother. Those same values I use on a day to day basis.

I am also a single mother of 5. My children age from 17 to 2 years old. I lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation until 2015, when I moved to Rapid City. My decision to move to Rapid City was to provide better job opportunities and find a good, suitable career for myself. My hope for my children is that the city living gives them the same opportunities. My older boys are in high school and junior high grades. They have been active members of Club for Boys. My two daughters are much younger. Attending elementary as well as daycare. When I became a permanent single mother, I had to put job opportunities on hold. I had to get what I could to support my children. My professional scope has been housekeeping and daycare provider, day care aide. As a mother, I always put my children before myself. I make sure they have a roof over their head, shoes on their feet, clothes on their back, and food in their stomachs. No matter how hard life challenges get I always, always go hard for my children. This year, I was hit with major challenges. I lost my father figure (my dads brother) in october.My mother is dealing with health issues, and I take steps back when I can to help her. Due to a lack of babysitters, I struggle with daycare. Which means I have to stay home from work. My vehicle recently gave out, so I have been struggling very hard to get my children to school, after-school activities, daycare, medical appointments when needed, groceries, there are times I miss work due to the vehicle issue.

Patty Clarin

I am 56, I live and work in Rapid Valley. In 2021 one of my daughters lost her home to a house fire, where her and her husband and their 8 children lived. Nobody was hurt thankfully, they moved in with my husband and myself and lived with us for the better part of 2 years. October 2023 they found a rental, and moved in, the day after they moved in their car broke down so they borrowed mine. 2 weeks went by and one of my granddaughters was driving it and was T-boned and the car was totaled. The worst part about the whole thing, is my mom has had major health issues the last year and is now residing at Fountain Springs Healthcare. I used to be able to just go see her when necessary, I take her to her doctor appointments, and just run to see her when I can. And without having a car I have to ask for rides. It’s taken away my independence and if she calls and wants me there, I can’t just jump in the car and go, I have to get a ride and it breaks my heart.