My name is Daylena. I am 32 year single mother. I have 4 young children here in Sioux Falls. 2 that are school aged in my care and 2 two younger babies that are in the care of their grandmother right now. I am 196 days sober.

My children and I have been through a lot of turmoil and trauma. I struggled with addiction since I was 18 on and off throughout the years but one thing that helped me through all my heartaches and heartbreaks was my faith. I had held on to hope that God had something bigger in store for my life. I’ve been through a lot of experiences and struggles as a single mother that no one should ever have to go through. I never really had a huge support system. So when I was going through anything I would turn to prayer. Prayers are so powerful. Last year something traumatic happened to my family and it was a downward spiral from there. I lost everything. My kids were in and out of different foster homes and with people I didn’t know or met. I was homeless. Really hit rock bottom. One day I was on the brink of suicide and I kept praying,” God please if I mean anything please help me through this… I cant do this anymore I felt like my children deserved better.” Back to back my children called my phone after not having talked to them for a couple weeks! It blew my mind! I was like if this isn’t a sign from God of love I don’t know what is. I made I promise to God and to myself I would follow him and give my life to him if he help me get my to my children. Of course we have to put in the work. I graduated Glory house after 4 months. Steady employment. I am working with Calls2freedom. I attend all the required programming for parenting, Dbt which is 25 week group I’m graduating that. I graduated Redroad approach. Just blessings on blessings. I got my children and our own place. I’m just trying to fulfill my promise to God and also make a change so my kids have a chance at something better than what I had. I’m here to break cycles.