• Apply for repairs

  • SHIFT Team contacts you

  • Application is reviewed by board

  • If approved, vehicle is brought in for estimate

  • You pay for parts

  • Repairs begin

  • Pick up vehicle upon completion


Think Big. Act Bigger.


The SHIFT GARAGE TEAM exists to help those we serve fully realize the plan Jesus Christ has for their lives. 

  • Our board reviews every application to determine which applicants have a legitimate need. If a need is discovered, we offer deeply discounted repair services.

  • We accomplish this through partnerships with parts suppliers that share our vision. Volunteers also play a key role and serve weekly to help repair vehicles.

  • Because of that we offer vehicle repairs for just the price of parts with no labor costs and no markup on parts.

  • Applicants, once approved, will come to the SHIFT GARAGE SHOP for a free estimate. We will perform a walkaround with the owner of the vehicle and inspect the parts of the vehicle that affect safety, legality, and reliability. Once we have a full picture of the issues with vehicle, we will discuss which repairs are the most urgent.

  • Then an invoice is generated at the discounted rate. Once that invoice has been paid, the work is performed and the applicant receives their repaired vehicle. We believe this model allows our applicants to share in the responsibility of owning a vehicle and retain dignity in their situation.