Jaimie Smith in Colton S.D. He is Marine vet who puts others before himself. He needs a reliable car to see his parents in Sioux falls who both have health problems. Jamie’s mom is fighting stage 4 colon cancer and would be devastated if Jamie could not drive to see me from Colton, SD I live in Sioux Falls, SD. Jamie is single so there is no other income for him to depend on. He desperately needs a vehicle to get to work.Jamie struggles with insulin dependent diabetes, so as a result faces many large co-pays for his care.Jamie is very resilient despite the unforeseen struggles he has faced, the worst of which was his sister’s death by suicide. This devastating event turned Jamie’s world upside down. He suffers daily from this loss. Jamie has worked 2 jobs for years to maintain his finances. However, his health disabilities and the impact from the loss of his sister has prevented him from working more than one job.Jamie never asks for money from others. He wants to be able to take care of himself.I know how desperate he is for a new vehicle and as his mother, I am taking it upon myself to submit his name for this new car. What a blessing it would be for him.