I am 56, I live and work in Rapid Valley. In 2021 one of my daughters lost her home to a house fire, where her and her husband and their 8 children lived. Nobody was hurt thankfully, they moved in with my husband and myself and lived with us for the better part of 2 years. October 2023 they found a rental, and moved in, the day after they moved in their car broke down so they borrowed mine. 2 weeks went by and one of my granddaughters was driving it and was T-boned and the car was totaled. The worst part about the whole thing, is my mom has had major health issues the last year and is now residing at Fountain Springs Healthcare. I used to be able to just go see her when necessary, I take her to her doctor appointments, and just run to see her when I can. And without having a car I have to ask for rides. It’s taken away my independence and if she calls and wants me there, I can’t just jump in the car and go, I have to get a ride and it breaks my heart.