• Oil changes are the foundation of basic car maintenance. Changing your oil regularly is the #1 thing you can do to keep your car running well. *See disclaimer below*
  • Belts and hoses are an inexpensive item that you probably never think about. However, they can leave you completely stranded and walking home if they’re not replaced in time. *See disclaimer below*
  • An alignment is essential as a part of your regular maintenance and is required after many suspension repairs have been completed. Proper alignment helps the vehicle track down the road in a straight line and prevents excessive tire wear. *See disclaimer below*
  • The blower motor is your interior fan. It provides air for the cabin whether it’s air conditioning or heat. It also clears a foggy or frosted windshield, without it the car is undriveable in the winter because it’s impossible to see. *See disclaimer below*
  • Brakes are obviously important for the safety of the passengers of the vehicle they’re on and the vehicles around them. They are one of our most common repairs. *See disclaimer below*
  • Starter

    A starter can give you some warning that it’s going out or just go out all of a sudden. Either way you’re not going anywhere once it fails. *See disclaimer below*
  • Alternator

    The alternator charges the car’s battery and provides electricity for the vehicle. If the starter is bad the vehicle will constantly stall and once the battery is drained completely the car is undriveable. *See disclaimer below*
  • Radiator

    The radiator cools the engine so it can run at normal operating temperature. If the radiator has failed the car will overheat. Many times this overheating leads to more serious issues which completely ruin the engine. *See disclaimer below*
  • This is the average cost of repairs on a vehicle that we repair. Most vehicles we see get multiple repairs and for years now this has been the average cost. Donating this amount fully covers a repair for a low-income family or individual. *See disclaimer below*
  • Shocks and struts smooth the ride of the vehicle and make it safe to drive. Vehicles with failed shocks and struts can be unsafe to maneuver and even cause rubbing between the tires and body of the vehicle causing a tire blowout. *See disclaimer below*
  • The suspension of a vehicle is a complicated system of bearings, joints and pivots that allow the wheels and tires to move up and down. Failed suspension components can be extremely dangerous as they hold the wheels onto the car. *See disclaimer below*
  • New Tires

    The tires are the only contact between the vehicle and the road. Worn tires are very unsafe in the snow, the rain and if worn badly enough even on dry pavement. *See disclaimer below*


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