Nikkole Bostnar

My family moved here in 2013, I graduated from Oglala Lakota College in 2020 with my bachelors in Business. I started my MBA program in 2021. I am a single mother of three boys, two of which lost their father tragically this year. We are currently rebuilding our family and adapting to our new reality.

Danya Martinez

My name Is Danya Martinez I am 33 years old I currently take care of my nephew seven year old nephew who's name is Winston. The past two years have been very grief stricken for us. My mother past away in May of 2020, a little over a year later In November of 2021. My

Candyse Raye Arivett

In 2021, my 6 year old son, and I was in an abusive relationship. I didn't know were to go because my parents died when I was young and don't have much family left. I didn't know anyone in South Dakota because I was new to the state. In January, we left the abuse and moved


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