Tahney Habben

My name is Tahney I’m 23 years old I have two little girls ages 2 and 4. I’ve worked since I was 14 years oId. I recently moved out on my own. I definitely could use a new car and I’m very grateful to be able to have this opportunity to win one! Thank you!

Niya Thunder Hawk

Challenge Accepted!! I've never been prepared for life.  I wasn't born with a free pass. Everything I know I've learned the hard way.  I had to miss so many shots in order to learn how to make them. Life's a game we have to play to rise above and conquer in order to reach our

Case Mesteth

My family and i are more then grateful for this opportunity 🙏🏽. As you know my father Cass Mesteth has made the top 3 in voting. here’s some info about my father. He’s a sub contractor roofing. He was born January 21st, 1985. Here’s why I think my father deserves the car. We came a


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