Hi my name is sarah Stewart please vote for me here’s my story.. I am a mother of 12 , 8 boys 4 girl’s. I raised my older kids by myself I was father and mom to them. I met my husband farron Stewart 23 yrs ago we have 5 kids together.
On oct 12 my life changed again, my husband took his life to suicide. My older two sons find him in the garage one of them tried to bring him back. This have once again left me as a single mom and I’m heartbroken. I really need the help especially right now with everything I’m going through. Having a vehicle would make allot of stress go away.
I am a recovering addict I used many years. Today I’m proud to say I am sober and clean. It is very hard everyday to not run back to that life style as being the only parent now I realize how much my children need me to be strong.
I have a 18, 16, 13, 12, and 7 year old at home with me. I also have my grandson at home with me 16 yrs old.
I am currently looking for a job, going to all sorts recovery groups to keep my sobriety strong, and a car would be such an amazing blessing to my family. With the holiday coming and winter it is getting harder and harder to find rides places with gas being so expensive and being short on money with trying to make Christmas happen for my children. Please bless our family. God bless thank you…