Hello, my name is Rebekka. I am a single mom of an 11-month-old son. I live in eastern South Dakota, which has bitterly cold winters, lots of snow and ice. I am in desperate need of a vehicle so that I can safely transport my 11-month-old son to/from daycare, so that I can continue to work and earn money to support us.

I spend 14+ hours a week riding the bus to get my son to daycare and myself to work, where I am an assistant manager for Firehouse Subs. I am unable to work more than 25 hours a week because of my transportation limitations, and therefore unable to accept a manager position.
I am a single mother in recovery. I’ve been clean and sober for 15 months. I currently live in a faith-based sober living home. By my own choice I am still heavily involved in recovery programs, counseling and discipleship. I have worked hard to get to today. My addiction took everything from me. With God’s will and protection and my diligent efforts, I have been able to regain much: sobriety, freedom from an abusive partner, renewed relationships with my older sons and other family members, my old job back, a place to call home, and a role in my community. Something I have not regained yet is my good credit, which means I am unable to acquire a car loan.
Morning temperatures are very low. The sidewalks are icy and slippery. The snowdrifts and plow drifts make it near impossible to push my stroller. The trip home is even colder with the sun down, and scarier, as I must walk in the street at times if sidewalks aren’t shoveled.
I have saved enough money for registration and insurance, because I have been on the waitlist to receive a car from a charity organization, Wheels-to-Work. However, that program was recently discontinued. Lacking any other means to acquire a vehicle, I’m asking for your vote to receive one through this program.
Having a car means providing physical safety for my son and me as we go to and from work/daycare. It means I could work full time, accept the manager position I’ve been offered and earn more money. I can see my older children more than one day a week. Having a car would immensely help me continue to rebuild my life and become a more productive citizen.
I’m not asking for a hand out. I’m asking for a hand up. Thank you for your charity, your neighborly love. May God bless and keep you. I will be forever grateful.