I have lived in Sioux Falls for over 20 years & I’m currently without a reliable vehicle to help me get to church, doctors appts, running errands, etc. I had sold my last car to a salvage yard earlier this year, because it kept breaking down on me & I couldn’t handle the stress & anxiety anymore that it was causing me to have.
In the 10 years that I had owned my car, I had put thousands of dollars into it, for car repairs which included, but not limited to a full suspension, a water pump, coolant reservior, 2 thermostats, cv boots (multiple times), wheel bearings (multiple times), tie rods & ball joints (twice), 3 alternators, 2 starters, 3 power steering pumps (within a short period of time, thank goodness for warranties), rack & pinion, front axles, left rear knuckle & numerous other things, besides regular maintenance costs, brakes & tires.
My car had 153,400 miles on it when I sold it to the salvage yard, but I feel that it should have lasted until at least 200,000 miles, because of all the money that I put into fixing it up.
I’m currently on disability & with not having a reliable vehicle to help me get around town, it makes it very difficult for me to go places & do things. When I do decide that I want to go to church, a doctor’s appt, the store for something, etc. I need to either rely on someone to help me, or take a cab to get to a bus stop, just so I can go to church, the doctor’s appt, do some shopping, etc. The closest bus stop to me, is at least 3 – 4 miles away from where I live at, so I have to be very selective on when I can go into town to get my errands done, go to a doctor’s appt, etc. because cab & bus fares aren’t cheap.

Just a side note here, I didn’t post this to get people to feel sorry for me, BUT to let them know that there’s good hearted people in the world who genuinely care about others. I might have had to sell my car sooner to the junk yard, if some kind hearted people wouldn’t have helped me replace the parts that I had bought for the car. I had my car worked on at different mechanic shops at different times throughout the 10 years that I had owned my car.