My son Josh is a single father of 2 beautiful girls. London (4) and Rosaleigh (2). For the majority of his life, his biological father has been out of his life. He has vowed to his girls that he would never ever be an absent father, so they will never wonder where he is or question his love for them. He works 2 jobs, full time at Abra and full/part time at Taco John’s in Sioux Falls, in order to financially secure a comfortable life for his girls. He works so hard! If he doesn’t have his girls, guaranteed he’s working to keep food on the table and makes sure he is able to keep these two busy and happy! Whether it be dance classes, fun little trips to the park, or fishing (weather permitting). He recently had to sell his car and went to an old clunker to free those payments up to assure the girls have everything they need. The exhaust is leaking into the car, and I feel horrible that they have to be transported to and from with the smell of gas fumes. I think Josh deserves this car for working so hard, and always being selfless when it comes to his little girls. I love them so much!!! Thank you for reading!!