Please meet Gary and Sandi Willman. This special couple have been together for 40+ years, since they were high school sweethearts. Recently, they have both been diagnosed with cancer. Gary was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer in June 2021. He has had 3 surgeries, a full body radiation treatment and targeted radiation to his throat for 6 weeks. During Gary’s 3rd week of targeted radiation his wife, Sandi, became paralyzed from an unknown illness. After testing, Sandi was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer as well and is now facing her own life threatening battle. Loss of income and enormous medical bills have added to their burden. They have a 2 hour commute to the doctor and are in need of a vehicle that is handicap accessible. They are staying strong, using their great senses of humor, and trusting in God. Together we can make their lives better! Please cast a vote for this very special couple.