My family and i are more then grateful for this opportunity 🙏🏽. As you know my father Cass Mesteth has made the top 3 in voting. here’s some info about my father. He’s a sub contractor roofing. He was born January 21st, 1985. Here’s why I think my father deserves the car.

We came a long way from where we’re at right now. Two years ago from the month of August, my father lost custody of my siblings and I. From being homeless through the winter. Being addicted to a substance. Now my father is clean and sober for the better of our future as a family. My father turned his life around and fought a long fight to get us back. With all the obstacles that came his way, my dad never gave up on us. He’s a loving, caring, funny, amazing dad to have. My siblings and I are like my fathers light, we give him that spark that he needs to keep him going for us. He’s a strong man. I’d say my dad deserves the car more then anything. It would be an amazing gift for this holiday. As you know now, it would be our first holiday as a family again!!

Again, our family appreciates this opportunity so much!!🙏🏽 Thank you for this.